Are you looking after your data properly when you are disposing of end of life IT equipment. Too often people donate or sell their used equipment and only perform a simple data erase or single overwrite on their hard drive. Personal and confidential information can be recovered from an overwritten hard drive. There is a direct correlation between the value of the information and the time, money and effort a criminal will exert to retrieve that information.

For complete care, custody and control of your data you need the The Hard Disk Crusher (HDC). The HDC can crush a drive in 10 seconds and make the retrieval of the data virtually impossible. Having the Hard Disk Crusher on your site, (it is very portable)gives you visual verification that the drive has been destroyed. It also gives you complete peace of mind. Personal data loss is costing North American businesses millions of dollars every year through liability lawsuits and fines resulting from non-compliance with privacy laws. Vernon has a suite of offerings for effective, efficient hard drive destruction. We offer a complete data destruction service on site with our certified technicians. Alternatively, we will rent the Hard Disk Crusher, or we can lease or sell you the machine. The Hard Disk Crusher is suitable for crushing PDA’s and cell phones too. Trust Vernon Technology Solutions for secure, safe hard drive destruction.