Vernon Technology Solutions is pleased to be participating in the Massive Technology show April 30th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Historically Vernon has been known as a Computer Rental firm with a large inventory of Laptop and Desktop computers for short term rental requirements. Clearly, short term computer rentals remain a significant part of Vernon’s services to clients across Canada. However, while at the Massive Show Vernon will be featuring “Data Destruction Services” and displaying the “Vernon Disk Crusher”. The Disk Crusher is Vernon’s answer to the demand for “visible verification” for the destruction of hard disk drives. Currently corporations are often relying on data overwriting or degaussing technology to remove critical data. These methods are both proven to be less reliable and inherently provide limited comfort to companies looking to mitigate legal liability associated with the loss or inappropriate use of personal or corporate data. Vernon’s crusher services are similar to those offered in the more traditional media destruction of paper shredding. Vernon’s crushing services can be provided on-site or via secure removal and transport to Vernon’s site. Cost for the Vernon services vary depending on the level of service, quantity of drives and time lines for destruction. Vernon will also provide rental, lease and purchase option on the Crusher. In addition to destroying the drives Vernon ensures all materials are directed into the appropriate waste streams for proper environmental disposal. Vernon in partnership with provincially approved disposal centres provides certificates verify these disposal services. While at the Massive Technology Show, James Drohan, General Manager of Vernon Technology Solutions will be participating in a panel discussion on Information Security. James will be representing the issue from the perspective technology disposal and ensuring data that is on clients networks, servers, desktops, phone systems and photo copiers is destroyed from both data security and environmental disposal. In general I think the Massive show will be a great venue for anyone interested in knowing more about Vernon’s computer, notebook and server rentals. It will be a most beneficial event for anyone looking to see the Vernon Hard Disk Crusher in action.

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