Canadian Elections are a big deal!

As of September 10th, if you went to Google News and searched “Canadian Elections”, the first set of articles to come up are about why Canadians care more about the American Election then they do about the Canadian one.

But the fact of the matter is that Canadian Politics are important for Canadians even if they may seem less exciting.

Come October 14, 2008 or advance polling on October 3,4 and 6th it will be time for Canadians to vote.

For full information about the elections see the Elections Canada Homepage

Even if the media and pop culture sweeps Canadian Politics under its radar, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a flurry of activity blowing around us.

Parties are organizing and campaigns are coming up on full swing.
Meetings, Advertisements,  Campaigns, and Decisions are all in the making.

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Unlike the election, This Choice is EASY!

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