Sellers on e-Bay, Beware, Part 2

As written previously on this blog, an article was found exposing a very real danger when it comes to selling or asset recovery with improper security precautions. is the link to an article called, “Hard drives bought on e-Bay contain sensitive personal, corporate data. “The article was posted to the web by Lucas Mearian and Sharon Fisher on February 11th 2009.

The article disucsses a study that found on 100 e-Bay purchased computers, sensitive information could be retreived on 40. Thats a huge percentage when it comes to security!

Information found on these drives includes: Personal/confidential/financial/corporate documents, E-mails, Photos and pictures, DNS server information, and much more.

Some leaks include customer lists (including SIN and Credit card information), A resturaunt’s “secret” recipe, Discarded travel plans, and this was just a small study.

The problem came from improper disposal of Hardware. This is where Vernon Technology Solutions has you covered.
The Vernon Hard Drive Crusher: to ensure destruction by receiving 100% visual verification.
Vernon’s Asset Recovery Services have the highest level of security from DOD data wipe to physical destruction with our crusher.

Vernon Technology Solutions is ISO Certified, NAID Members and Comptia Trust Mark Certified makes VTS the partner for sale/disposal of surplus corporate computers.

When it comes to information security, deleting almost everything isn’t enough. You had better be 100% sure that your information is irretrievable. Vernon Technology solutions can help you with that.

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