Sellers on e-Bay, Beware

Data security is a very big issue. When you sell a computer, it is imperative to ensure that all your sensitive information on the drive has been removed. According to a recent article, a  study has shown just how dangerous and common this problem can be.

The article is called “Hard drives bought on e-Bay contain sensitive personal, corporate data” it was posted on February 11th 2009(2/11/2009) and authored by Lucas Mearian and Sharon Fisher

Conclusions of a New York forensics firm study was that out of 100 drives purchased on e-Bay, 40 of them still had private information on them. Information includes Web trails, personal information, e-mails, company secrets, customer lists with credit card numbers or Social insurance numbers, DNS server informationphotographs and more.

How can all this happen? wouldn’t people be deleting their information before selling their disk with this much sensitive data?

The answer to this question is the fact that simple Re-Formating or Deleting does not completely remove all your data. It just removes the reference to the files. This means that with special softwares information can still be received.

Another blog will go into further details about this Article, but for now, feel free to read it yourself at:

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The dangers of releasing information that can be access are very real and the consequences are quite serious. Proper care should be taken to ensure Data Destruction or safe Asset disposal.


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