The Vernon Internet Anywhere Full Solution: Wireless Anywhere

Internet access through a third party vendor has many drawbacks:

  1. Expensive sign up cost for connection
  2. Commitment to a contract ( at Convention centres)
  3. Internet access requires Set-up, activation fees, and could even require long term commitment
  4. The network you are accessing may be Unsecure and that puts your information at risk.

“Internet Anywhere” Cards or USBs can solve these problems and still give you access to the internet anywhere in Canada!
“Internet Anywhere” Cards or USBs are low cost, secure, and require no set-up.

If you have a laptop and you want internet access, then the “Internet Anywhere” USB  solution is for you.
you won’t have to worry about finding a local wireless network that might be slow or unsecure or even unavailable.

If you do not have a laptop and you want internet access, then The Vernon “Internet Anywhere” Full Solution is for you.
Vernon Technology Solutions offers the “Internet Anywhere” solution right along with your rental of a laptop. So you have access to a computer and to the Internet.

The “Internet Anywhere” solutions offered by Vernon have:

  • Are Supported by one of Canada’s largest wireless network (which means you get fast, reliable Internet access)
  • And amazing prices!

For the “Internet Anywhere” USB solution, contact Vernon Technology Solutions and you can get it for
$99 a day / $159 a week / $195 a month. –> Thats fast reliable internet all across Canada for less than $200 dollars a month.

For the Vernon “Internet Anywhere” Full Solution, you get:
Intel Core Duo 1.6GHz Notebook with 1GB RAM, 60GB Hard Drive, DVD, Windows XP Pro and Internet Anywhere card: all for only
$219 a day / $284 a week / $308 a month  –> Thats a laptop + fast reliable internet all across Canada for just about $300 dollars a month.

Vernon Technology Solutions is your Cross Canada Computer Solution Experts. IF you need any computers, laptops, printers, projectors, and much more.

Contact us Today. Vernon offers all of this equipment for Rent, Lease or for Purchase.

The “Internet Anywhere” solution could be yours today and put an end to internet worries. Isn’t that worth looking into?
TOLL FREE:  1-800-961-3135
email us at

To all the viewers of our Blog, we wish you all a happy and planet-friendly Earth Day

Coming around once a year, Earth day is a time to be environmentally conscious in everything you do. In some cities around the world including Toronto, we get two times, if you include Earth hour which occurs separately.

In the corporate world: 2 days of Environmentally friendly isn’t enough. Every day a company has to be sure that it is doing all it can for the Environment.

Vernon Technology Solutions is committed to making a “Green Impact”. Vernon Technology will recover all your old technology equipment and make sure it gets to the right recycling plant to properly dispose of all the toxic elements and to allow re-use of reuseable materials.

Our company partner’s for recycling are MASER, geep, TechnoTrash Alberta, and more. These are great names, but they are also companies that are committed to the Earth.

With Vernon Technology Solutions. Celebrate Earth Day all year long!

HP 1200N Laser Printer

Talking about finding a business ready and friendly printer, you don’t have to look much farther then the HP 1200N Laser printer.
With an input tray of 250 sheets, capable of printing 15 pages a minute and connectivity through USB, parallel or 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet.

The printer is PC, Mac, and Unix compatible, and it is able to capture, print, scan, copy, and manage high quality documents. The printer has a 90MHz Motorola Coldfire processor, has a print speed of 15 PPM, and has true 1200 by 1200 dpi resolution.

Capable of paper, card stock, envelopes, heavy media, labels, transparencies, and papers of Letter A, A4, A5, A6, B5, Legal, Letter, and Executive sizes.

This printer sits easily on your desk and has all the features. It weighs 22.24 pounds and has (H by W by D) Dimensions of 10″ by 19.1″ by 16.3″.

The HP 1200N is a discontinued model, so it is harder to find new, but Vernon Technology Solutions has them in stock just waiting for rent, lease, and purchase. Vernon focuses on computers but it deals in all kinds of periphery items as well, so when you go to look for your business system, look no further then VTS to get the whole kit.  Desktops, printers, keyboards, webcams, and all the other features you could get at any computer store, and by renting or purchasing used but Grade A quality  get them for a fraction of the price.

Brother HL- 5170DN Printer

The Brother HL 5170 DN laser printer is Network-ready (N) with Duplex (D) printing(prints on both sides of a page).

It has a print speed of 21 pages per minute (21 PPM) and the first page (black) comes out in less then 10 seconds. Standard interfaces to the printer are 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, Parallel,and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 with an optional interface of NC-2200w (external wireless print server).

The printer is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has a toner Save Mode to increase efficiency and can hold all types of media including plain, bond, envelopes, labels, and transparencies.

The Brother HL-5170DN laser printer is 15.0″ by 15.8″ by 9.9″ and weighs 26.2 pounds. So the low-down on this printer is that it is fully capable of powerful functions even though it is smaller and inexpensive. This is a very standard office printer and it is Energy Star Compliant.

For a powerful printer, but not the most high-end, the Brother HL-5170DN Printer is a great pick. Contact Vernon Technology Solutions if you want to have one of these for rent, lease, or purchase. The Vernon Advantage is customer support and by renting, leasing, or purchasing used, you can get this amazing product in Grade A quality for a fraction of the price of buying the product new.

With a print resolution of HQ1200 (2400 by 600 dpi), the Brother HL-5170DN laser printer will not let you down.

Touch Screen Technology: Rather then using your mouse to direct your movements, the screen can recognize when you physically touch the device.

The Samsung LFD Touch Screen (TS(n) models) were discussed in a previous blog. These LFD Screens are amazing for drawing a crowd and allowing for fun and exciting interactive media.

The HP TouchSmart also uses Touch Screen Technology, but this is not just a monitor screen. The HP Touch Smart is a laptop. The HP TouchSmart comes in 22″ and 25.5″ diagonal screen lengths and is quite powerful.
These laptops are available for rent, lease or purchase from Vernon Technology Solutions.

Vernon Technology Solutions can easily get these products to you, and knows that customization is important. No one computer is perfect for everyone, so if you call in and let our well-trained staff know what you need from your computer, we will be able to accommodate you and find you the best machine for your needs.

Just to give you an idea, and to whet your interest. Vernon Technology Solutions recently rented out a whole set of these machines with the following specs.


  • Core 2 Duo P8400
  • 2.16 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB
  • HDD 1 x 320 GB
  • DVD RW
  • GMA X4500HD Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Vista Business (64-bit)
  • Monitor : 22″ Widescreen TFT
  • Microsoft Office

As you can see, The HP TouchSmart is quite a capable little machine. For more details on the product please feel free to browse but then hurry back because these are hot sellers and if you want to get your hands on them, I would suggest calling sooner rather then later.

There is a good chance that the HP TouchSmart may be right for you

Vernon Technology Solutions is your one stop source for renting, leasing, and purchasing Grade A and “Good as New” computers. Vernon Technology Solutions also deals in proper recycling and safe disposal of computer components. On top of that, Vernon is also very proud of its Hard-Disk Crusher, used to give you 100% visual verification that your data has been erased for good.

This blog is not about any of those topics. (To learn more about any of these topics, please feel free to visit one of the following sites or contact a Vernon representative)

This blog is different. This blog is one of the first discussing Computer Peripherals also available from Vernon Technology Solutions.
In an effort to help our customers Vernon Technology Solutions rents, leases and sells printers, projectors, fax machines, and many other peripheral devices.

This blog is about the HP 4000 series printers. Vernon Technology Solutions has HP Laserjet p4014 and HP Laserjet 4015 printers available.

Each series has many different specific models available. Each model has different advantages and capabilities to make sure that when you get a printer, you get the one that best serves your needs.

p4014 series - Fast, networked, affordable, and reliable, are just some of the words used to describe the series, but that is still very vague. With printing speed of up to 45ppm, loading trays of 500-3600 pages, Simple configuration and troubleshooting, and much more, this is a powerful series of printers.
For most business needs the p4014 is well up to the challenge.

p4015 series - Secure, Reliable, easy to manage, high performance, are some words used for the p4015. These printers will not let you down. With the capability of printing between a suggested 3000-15000 pages a month as one of their many features.
With several Paper trays, internal memory, Duplex printing, and Ethernet embedded print server with IPSec, this printer is almost an office on its own.

If you are a small business or are looking to rent out all computers and other office supplies to start up your company without putting down a huge sunk expense.
Vernon Technology Periphery hardware may be exactly what you are looking for.
With knowledgeable staff and technicians on hand at the office Vernon Technology Solutions is always available for tech support or Rent-to-Own and Lease-to-Own options.