Renting and Leasing computers can be a very wise choice. There are times when it pays off to rent a machine for the amount of time you need it and then return it rather than letting it sit in storage and depreciate.

  • For Tradeshows, Conventions, and other such 1 shot events, you might want a newer laptop or large screen display. These devices will only be used for a few days so why would you want to purchase them at full price.
  • For Travel, renting a laptop or notebook allows you to bring your information and any important documents with you. When renting also keep an eye out for mobile internet sticks such as the Rogers Rocket. These devices let you bring instant internet connectivity with you wherever you go.
  • For office communication, Video Conferencing is getting a lot of hype these days, but why pay for expensive hardware? Leasing out the Video Conferencing Hardware and just buying the Software as a service could be a great way to hold onto your money.
  • For Startup companies, renting Desktops, servers, networking devices, laptops and more is a great way to keep the initial cost low, by not having to drop a lump sum, but it also allows you to test each product as it will fit in your new business.

These are just a few examples of places where renting has a distinct advantage over buying.

Vernon Technology Solutions is a computer rental and leasing company with over 25 years of experience. Vernon has computers of all shapes and sizes available. Whether you want a high end device lik a server or a mobile workstation down to a mini-notepad or an ultra mobile pc.

Vernon Technology Solutions also rents many other pieces of IT equipment including Laptops, notebooks, switches, servers, printers, scanners, LCD displays, LFD displays, Mobile Internet with the Rogers Rocket, and more.

We rent and lease only brand name products and only high quality merchandise, and if for any reason there are problems with your device Vernon Technology Solutions does offer warrenties. Next time you need IT or computer equipment - Think Vernon Technology Solutions, you will not be let down.

Please visit us at for more details

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  1. Lease Test Equipment

    Leasing equipments is a great business today. This will help more people in providing needs in a limited time. Same thing with saving a dollar for something very important.

    December 15th, 2009 | 8:52 am

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