November is here!

With Halloween come and gone, it is time to get ready for winter. As we all prepare our jackets and clean out our Summer and Autumn clothing in exchange for our Winter apparel, it might also be time to do some on the job cleaning as well.

Do you have any extra computers, Laptops, networking equipment, server, or other computer equipment just lying around taking up space in the office, storage room, or in the server room? if so then it might be time to clean them up and turn them into Cash.

Vernon Technology Solutions will buy your surplus technology assets
What we buy:

  • Brand Name Pentium IV desktops and towers
  • Brand Name Notebooks - Pentium III or better!
  • LCD monitors (any size)
  • Network switches and routers
  • Business class laser printers

Plus on top of buying: Vernon can handle your eWaste recycling needs in a manner that is compliant with all provincial and federal regulations.

We Offer: Pickup, packing, asset reporting, data destruction and environmental recycling services.

It’s time to start getting ready for Winter, and what better way then with a cleaned out office, some extra cash, and the knowledge that you helped the environment by recycling your old or unused equipment.


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