The Apple Ipad is a great way to draw attention. It is small, sleek, fully capable, and now it is available to you for rent from Vernon Technology Solutions.

Apple Ipad Lineup

The Apple Ipad is not a regular netbook. It allows the user access to over 300 000 Apps (Applications) with millions of downloads already.

When it comes to quick checks for your business needs, or for your e-mails, the Apple Ipad may be just the tool you need.

You’ve heard about, and you’ve probably read about them in the news or seen them in a show, but now is your chance to have the Apple Ipad work for you.

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If you follow the Canadian Politcal news then you have probably been reading a lot recently about a potential election that everyone is getting ready for, but “nobody wants”

Elections and especially surprise elections can mean a lot of preperation has to be done in a very short time.

Vernon Technology Solutions is available to help, continue reading to find out how. Read more…

The International Consimer Electronics show is a huge showcase of new technology to be presented in the year to come. The 2011 Consumer Electronics show ran from January 6 - 9.

In the past, many notable technologies have been introduced at the CES including: HDTV, Blu-Ray, pong, VCRs, DVDs, and the Microsoft XBox. The show is recognized as the place to see new technology innovations.

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As the December Holidays slowly drift into the past and the new year begins. We at Vernon Technology Solutions just wanted to send you all wishes for a Happy and Successful 2011. Read more…