Data on a drive is at risk at all times. A recent story is the hack into the Sony Playstation. This database included player information and credit cards. Sony has said that the credit card information was encrypted and not currently at risk, but a hack still occured and not everyone has the same amount of data protection as Sony.

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Just a few updates to previous blog articles:

1: Election

2: Data Destruction and the environment

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Data Security is a big buzz word these days.

After the big Wikileaks incident: it becomes very clear the potential harm that can come of Data being leaked out that is supposed to be confidential. Regular news posts keep informing us all of new incidents and troubles based on the leaked information. Read more…

Vernon Technology Solutions attended the CompTIA Breakaway 2009 event to announce IT Recycling, Data Destruction with the Hard Disk Crusher and Video Cloud - Web conferencing Solutions.

The CompTIA Breakaway 2010 event is almost here. The CompTIA Breakaway events are a great place to network with other companies in the IT field. It is a place to “Learn, Connect and Succeed”. It gives businesses a chance to intereact and also to discuss the latest challanges and developments in the industry.

The Breakaway 2010 agenda includes many education sessions and many guest speakers like Daniel Pink, Wendy Bahr, and much more still to be announced.

Also, Vernon Technology Solutions’ booth at CompTIA is visible for a second during the promo video for the CompTIA Breakaway event try and find us!

See the video of Vernon at Comptia 2009 below


The G20 Summit is causing havoc in downtown Toronto. Security is on the rise and businesses are closing down. Traffic is being blocked and subways are being closed.

The Korean Consulate Media Team is out of the red-zone and productive again thanks to a short term rental. Buying all the equipment you need during the Summit just doesn’t make sense since business will resume once the summit ends, but rentals are key to improving productivity during busy times.
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Preparations have began for the Toronto G20 Summit.

Security preparations for the G20 summit have been quite extensive. There are numerous security measures including:

  • Increased Law Enforcement presence
  • Blocking streets
  • Closing businesses in the area
  • building fences
  • Setting up specifically designated protest areas
  • and much more

With all of this heavy security, you could end up being stuck without access to some of your technology or office documents and Vernon Technology Solutions is offering great notebook deals and mobile Internet sticks to help relieve the pressure.

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G20 Summit in Toronto

The June 2010 G20 Summit is being hosted by Toronto, Canada on June 26-27.
The G20 group is a collection of world banks and monetary funds meeting with representatives from 19 different countries and the European Union.

G20 Members Countries:
Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States and the European Union*

In preparation for the summit, Toronto will be setting many security precautions. A large area of the Downtown area will be closed off before and during the summit. This means that many businesses in the area are being affected. Many places are going to be forced to close, some for as long a month in preparation for the 2 day event.

With Road Closures and Businesses downtown closed, it will be very difficult to reach an office downtown, but Vernon Technology Solutions would like to offer a helping hand.

Vernon Technology Solutions is very proud to be offering laptops and notebooks for rent at special values to be rented in preparation for the summit. With the office unreachable, VTS thinks it is a great time to rent a business notebook for the month and the Rogers Internet Stick, so you can have full access to all your files and the internet so that you can work from home and not get trapped by all the sudden closures.

Downtown Toronto closing does not put all your business plans on hold, with your IT rental, you can stay active. You can get a Core Duo 1.6GHz Notebook and the Rogers internet stick for less then $200 a month! 

Contact Vernon Technology Solutions at 905 752 0916 to speak with a representative or visit us online at

For further information about the G20 summit, please see:

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are finally here. It’s hard to believe it is February already!

The Olympics has had Canadians buzzing for quite some time and
With less then 10 day in the official Coutdown, the excitement is only growing.

Vernon Technology Solutions is proud to be part of this event. More details about products and events will follow,

but keep an eye out!

Renting equipment is a smart move for a company of any size.
From a small business on one side to the Olympic games on the other, Vernon Technology Solutions is here for you, please contact a representative today and see how we can help you!


Please remember to stand Tall and Proud at 11:00 in honour of the heros in our past.


Vernon Technology Solutions at the Rogers Cup 2009

The Rogers Cup is the third largest Tennis Tournament in the world, third to Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. The Rogers Cup is acknowledged to be one of the best run tournaments in the world.

Vernon Technology Solutions rents and leases computer equipment and communication solutions. The advantage of renting is that the company can get the hardware they want for the exact amount of time they need and then return it.

Rentals are useful in many situations. To name a few:

  • Starting up a company - to test the waters,
  • Tradeshows/Conventions/Gatherings - when you need to make a big impact on people in a short amount of time,
  • Big Events - that you need the latest equipment and don’t want to buy new stuff everytime.

The Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament is an example of the third. Vernon has consistently rented out equipment for the event. This year Vernon is providing several high end laptops and monitors.

The Rogers cup Men’s Tournament takes place between August 8-16 at the Uniprix Stadium in Montreal.
The Rogers cup Women’s Tournament takes place between August 15-23 at the Rexall Centre at York University in Toronto

Since last year you may have noticed the locations switched for the mens and womens tournament. (not aware of any story, but just to see who remembers.)

Make a visible impression on your audience. They may be a small room of fellow employees at a presentation, a large group of potential customers at a tradeshow, or it could be millions watching while broadcast on network television from your national event, but anyway you go, you need high quality equipment that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

If you have an event that you need laptops, computers, LCD monitors, Large Format display screens, printers, touch screens or any other IT equipment. Vernon Technology Solutions is here for you. With over 25 years of experience renting and leasing computer equipment, we take care to make sure your product comes to you exactly when you need it at a price you can easily afford and it is always in Grade A quality.

Game On!